Mussoorie Lights, Hotel Park View, Ashtley Hall, Dehradun

Enjoying the essence of Mussoorie in the city of love, Dehradun. Sounds interesting, isn't it?  💘
Mussoorie Lights is situated on the fourth floor of the renowned hotel, "Hotel Park View", which is just opposite to that of Gandhi Park (Ashtley hall). The interiors are magnificent. With an essence of leaves and cutlery, the luxurious wooden chairs and tables, bring the glory of this place. The seating is comfortable hence, one can easily laze around and have a chit-chat.

I started with a very unconventional yet, interesting coffee named as "Ginger coffee" which literally blew my mind. It was the best beverage I have ever had till now. 😍 One may have heard and even tasted, Ginger tea, but if you are a true coffee lover, this one will treat your taste-buds enthusiastically. ❤
We were served with a bowl of Tomato, basil and Parmesan soup. It was soothing. The aroma was really nice.
Soup increases my appetite. Hence, I tried Zucchini fries with four to five dips.…

Super Donuts, Hathibarkala Salwala, Dehradun

Ecstasic day and a lazy guy! Seems a boring combination? Absolutely not! Foodicted fellow is all set to discover a new eatery in the town. Pulled his socks and wore his trench coat, Aritro set out on a droolworthy food adventure! Setting the landmark as Bikanerwala, I entered the simple eatery of Superdonuts, with a hell lot of expectations. The ambiance seems funky with a lot of satirical foodie quotes and pictures.
I was given a wide options of delicacies to choose from their menu. I tossed my head (got some dandruffs as well hahaha…. ) and finally came to a great conclusion.

I started with their Do-Not Freak Out shake as well as Birthday Bash. Now, these were the freak shakes for which Super Donuts is well-known. Fairly priced at 250 INR (plus taxes), this is enough for freaking out like hell hahaha…. “Do-Not FreakOut” consists of wafers, a candy and a scoop of ice-cream. The chocolate shake is loaded with brownies and a chocolate-layered doughnut to entice my tastebuds. Absolutely s…

The Garage Dine-In, Ballupur, Dehradun

A perfect day, sun-streaks peeping from the transparent window-panes, melodious yet, irritating sound of my neighbours and saliva dropping from my mighty tongue. Seems an imperfect day, right? Haha.... Yes, good guess! Its a Sunday, and as usual, this lazy fellow is yet again ready for his new food adventure.
Hence, I set out to fetch the cab, wearing my new jeans and a pink kurta. I landed at the Garage dine-in, which is situated in Ballupur (Dehradun). The interiors looked quite fascinating. It is like a revamped garage with beautiful posters as well as decor items hanging on the walls. The courteous staff members made me feel comfortable with their excellent service. The sofa made me relax with the wooden menu card, and I was surprised to see a great variety of delicacies.
My starters included, Desi penne pasta and chicken burger. To be very honest, I am a fan of white sauce pasta and this one, grabbed my soul, indeed. The cheesy garlic bread proved itself as the best accompanimen…

Moti Mahal Restaurant, Rajpur, Dehradun

"The secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside."
Well, there's a mild difference between good food and excellent food. Situated in the heart of Rajpur Road, Moti Mahal serves THE MOST AUTHENTIC INDIAN CUISINE and of course, it is an excellent one.
The first time when I came in Dehradun with my parents, this place has become an eye-candy for our luncheon. The ambiance of this palace-like hotel gives you a feeling of utmost comfort and the staff! Oh, so courteous. They have a perfect knowledge of handling irritating customers like, my father. Hahahaha....
We had Chicken cream soup to start our lunch. The blended cream increased our appetite even more. We ordered mutton seekh kebab and to my surprise I could see my dad drooling over it and going nuts as well haha.... I had to snatch some pieces from his plate else I would've missed my part! Sorry! I know I'm mean hahaha....
We had garlic naan and tandoori roti which were…

Tummy Fills, Suddhowala, Dehradun

It has been a while, I didn't pen down my thoughts. Hope you all are doing well. Wait a minute! Are you asking me, how well am I doing? I'm doing pretty well.
Just imagine, when you're tired giving exams and you have got nothing to do. What shall you do? Either play cricket or have a brisk walk with your "Would be", right?
Well, I prefer something different. I was happy giving a wondrous examination of environmental science but due to the extravagant rays of Sunny uncle, I felt extra tired that day. Hence, I preferred to go somewhere and have a light, yet fulfilling nourishment.
I was wandering around the streets in search of a good restaurant, and suddenly I came along a poster which stated, "Tummy Fills". Ahh, that name invoked rats from all around the world to run over my tummy. Literally, I ran to the place and saw a small shoppe, which is generally owned by an old uncle and his family.
I grabbed the menu list, and ordered, a plate of White Sauce …

BMG- All Day Dining, Jakhan, Dehradun

The name signifies it all... Whoever arrives here, would forget everything and dine the whole day itself. BMG has a great deal of stuffs to offer. It would literally force you to be its guest.
It was a great rendezvous with my favourite pals. Though we had planned earlier, what we would have, but as usual, foodies are known for their "Last minute changes".
Firstly, we ordered Apple Strawberry Salad and Chocolate banana shake which were fairly well. It would have been more interesting, if more elements could have been added.
Then we went on to order some quirky starters like:
- Mezze Platter,
- Chicken Cheese Chilli Burglette,
- Mushroom Burglette,
- Shanghai Spring Roll,
- Veg Mexican Roll,
- Jalapeño Cheese Croquettes,
- Chilli Chicken Ghosla,
- Noor-e-ali Chicken,
- Paneer Malai Seekh Kebab, and
- Chicken Seelkand.
My personal favourites were Chicken Cheese Chilli Burglette, Jalapeño Cheese Croquettes, Chilli Chicken Ghosla and Chicken Seelkhand. The way they presented t…